Saturday, March 14, 2009

Driving It Into The Ground - And Beyond

I think Orcs are green. I know I'm not quite willing to make the fist brown. Point is, I've reached the Macro stage right now. I'm not actively following links to more essays and I'm checking my moderation cue every two days or so.

I'm not an artist so I had to go for clipart. Still, I figured the upheld fist should have a blade of some sort, to properly distinguish it. Therefore that's what I hunted for.

Does anyone have an idea for a symbol for the Pallid Swamp Goblin Auxiliary?

PS/ETA: Hmm, does anyone know where to find a good image of a horn? Properly orcish? I think An Official Herald Of The Revolution - would make good imagery/a good stamp/etc. Then again, I might just end up doing 'High Priest/ess of Orc' for several people and that might be taking things too far. Perhaps I should not be encouraged.\

PPS: These are not cookies. These are bandaids. Just so we're clear. These are like things one sticks on a cast to try and distract from the broken bone.


  1. Again, I can link you to orc porn, but that's probably not what you're looking for ...

  2. You might try image googling for Tolkien art sites maybe? Let me see...

  3. Found this image checking "orcish war horn":

  4. Yep, orcs are DEFINITELY green.

    I knew a man who was into orcs. He felt that the whole "elves = good, orcs = bad" thing was pure unjustified prejudice, and orced out a lot. All things were obtained, where possible, in orc green.

    Since he and his daughter (known, from birth, as Baby Orc for quite some time) are the only orcs I know, I bow to their orcthority. Orcs are green.

    World of Warcraft orcs are pretty cool (and green), if you want some ready-made orc imagery. And Thrall, their Warchief, is the most awesomest hero ever. (Don't be disturbed by the implications of his name; the history of the orcs is that they were enslaved by demons until Grom Hellscream and Thrall broke them free of demonic control, and now they are strong heroes and the leaders of the Horde. Frankly, calling someone an orc hardly seems insulting to Warcraft lovers.)