Thursday, March 5, 2009


On PAD/S_D: The PAD/S_D thread that revealed certain PAD brain maggots. I said I'd put a link up to it should it ever become available, and it has.

Some excerpts:

You know real flesh-and-blood people read these comments, right? Including the people who you, from anonymity, hurl curses at and wish death upon. And their wife and kids read it, too.

For what it's worth, aside from one or two terrorist leaders hiding in caves, I can't think of anyone I'd wish death upon. But then, I'm not an anonymous prick on the internet. I am merely --



..."This place isn't FOR me? I was unaware there was a "Keep out: He-Man Woman Hater's Club" sign pasted on the front door. I wasn't aware the internet was that exclusive. Funny: All the right wingers who wander onto myblog attack me for my left wing attitudes don't appear to believe my blog isn't FOR them. Even though it has my name right at the top.



I absolutely don't give a rat's ass what your issue is with X-Factor. You hurl profanities and want me to die in a fire. If someone said those things to you, would you care one whit what they have to say about anything else?

Because I certainly don't. I have not bothered to read past your first sentence. Next time you want a comics creator to consider what you have to say about anything, consider the option of treating them with some goddamn respect right out of the gate.



... You want "yawn"? How about your tendency to define everything in feminist terms? The notion that I take offense because "girls are supposed to be nice" (your words) and therefore you're defying a stereotype. That notion is pretty yawn inducing, truth to tell. By trying to slap anti-feminism on anything that you find disagreeable, you're playing TO the stereotype. You might want to consider taking a broader view of the world than what is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.

Just a thought.



And from his own blog:

...The fact is that black leaders, black activists, black organizations, have made it clear that any slight, real or imagined, is cause for condemnation, retaliation, and media pillorying of the highest order. Under the current atmosphere, who would WANT to discuss racism? Well...Barack Obama did, back when he gave that superb speech about Rev. Wright. I don't recall whites rioting over it. I don't recall whites going on TV in droves and screaming for censure. My recollection is that it was a major turning point for white voters to assess Eric Holder's future boss and deciding that they liked what they saw.

If you touch a hot stove, get burned, and say, "Whoa, I'm not touching that stove again," is that an act of cowardice? Or is that just a reasoned response to an atmosphere created by many members of the very audience that Holder would presumably claim as his constituency? And by the way, not for nothing, but when did an attorney general become an "average American?"



Yeah... I may reconsider DIAF in the future, or for others. But I'm not taking it back for PAD. I do wish bad things. And I'm sure as hell going to mentally picture him having the experience he finds most painful. Cause Willow < - Spiteful!/Not Nice! And also regularly has cause to wish more than anonymous terrorists vile things. Most people with race and gender issues don't tend to hide in caves.


  1. Something you may or may not know: the fan PAD references in that post as tearing down his work in YJ because of his characterization of teenagers?

    Alexandra Erin, my friend, who continually kept right on calling PAD out on the "defining everything in feminist terms" and refusing to accept his derailments or protestations that it's okay to use such language when you feel attacked. Her discussion of YJ's issues with him is lost to history, since it occurred after caps were taken.

    So add to that list of brain maggots "spiteful mischaracterization of fan arguments when said fans are not willing to buckle on feminist issues, particularly when the source argument is no longer available".

  2. I'm really dissapointed in PAD. Overall I loved his run on YJ and Supergirl, now I feeling rather uncomfortable. It sucks when you find out someone you admire is actually a cock. (I'm not good on the imaginative curse front).

    Willow I know that you have issues with identifying as a feminist, so I'm wondering
    if the following comment was directed at you:

    "How about your tendency to define everything in feminist terms? ..... By trying to slap anti-feminism on anything that you find disagreeable, you're playing TO the stereotype."

    If it was, that's chuckle inducing. And either way, I think we should define everything in feminist terms (so long as said feminism includes every women and not just white rich women) because dammit, otherwise you exclude 51% of the world's population.
    I also wasn't aware that anyone taking issues with gender problems should also be ensuring that they do so in an acceptable-to-white-men-way. Cos hey, god forbid we point out their failings. Fuck him.

  3. PAD'S White Privilege is full of selective memories.

    Obama's US Citizenship was challenged from the jump - from his place of birth to the "Vault Copy" BS that continues to this day.

    Second, when Rev. Wright made his famous statements, the GOP waited in the wings for the full-blown campaign, but Senator Clinton's campaign made a few oblique references to it. In the waning weeks of the campaign, every GOP commercial referenced the "G-d @#$@# America" comment made by Wright and performed the guilt-by-association ascribed to Black politicians.

    Also, in the wake of Rev. Wright, there was a movement that spawned called "PUMA" (or Party Unity My @$$), in which mostly white wealthy women (notably Lady de Rothschild) openly dumped on Obama for alleged slights and supported McCain, even though he has denigrated Senator Clinton AND her daughter in the past, as well as his many issues with Women and women-specific issues.

    Third, Sarah Palin started making references to Obama "Palling around with Terrorists" and other incendiary remarks against a sitting (Black) US politician running for the highest office of the land, without any credible evidence AND failing to report these "alleged" crimes to the police. The number of death threats against Senator Obama and his family skyrocketed. The Obama campaign became the first to receive a full Secret Service detachment during a political campaign because of the threats against his life and that of his family.

    Plus, when Senator Obama made the remark that his grandmother (who is White) was a typical white person when it comes to race issues, other White commentators excoriated Obama for "throwing his grandmother under the bus."

    Also, if PAD really wants to go there, there is the Don Imus calling the Rutgers Women's Basketball team "Nappy-Headed Hos." In an attempt to deflect the criticism that was growing in the aftermath, every single white male political and non-political pundit rushed to Imus' defense, using the tried and true, "Black men do it, too!" - as well as the ever popular, "He was just kidding, and trying to be 'hip'!"

    And, footnote: I stopped taking PAD seriously after he attempted to destroy the character of John Henry Irons in his Supergirl comic book run (Issue 23 in the late 1990s).

    So, cry me a river, Mr. David.

    Oh, and go feed a steak to a hungry Bengal Tiger.

  4. I used to like him too way back (cuz of his Q trek books).. I have completely lost all total respect for him... omfg -_-;;; And I love the little "nudgenudge" thing he did with "see you PoC freak out so much and get all angry when ppl talk about racism, but when a PoC talked about racism, did us white ppl freak out? NO! We were calm and rational and stuff.. SO WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU? *nudgenudgebecivilzedlikeuswhitepplnudgenudge*"

    Ugh >.<;;

  5. Honestly, how do people not realize that someone who screams "threat!" when they run across "DIAF" is looking for something to object to?


  6. He's rude and transparent. If one has eyes to see what he's up to, I mean.