Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's ORC not Troll

Heaven's bless,

It is exhausting being the meanest, angriest thing this side of meandom; organizing the armies, strategy and tactical assessment meetings, raising troop morale, puppet controlling the generals, milking fresh tears from my personal stable of white women - for the sweet wine taste, freshening up on my abusive authority, ignoring the lamentations and waffling apologies of my enemies and just plain behaving badly so as to ensure that things really are all about both sides being to blame - I get just wearied out.

Can anyone suggest a B vitamin supplement?

Being an Orc Goddess is hard ass work.

Seriously though - Malignant fuckwit troll? I'd rather have heard DIAF. Cause at least then I'd hopefully cease to exist for these people. Hera give me strength, I need to be Wonder Woman to deal with all this.

I'm still hurt and I'm still angry. But now I've lost all interest in professional SF/F. I don't want to read it* and I don't want to write it. That's a whole lot of books for me to sell - everyone who's been silent or outrageously racist. (Dear Jim Butcher, please for the love of all don't talk!) Though given my love of writing, I will end up somewhere else - maybe Romance. No wait, Millenia Black. Maybe YA. I think I could handle being called a pervert gay, people hope burn in hell for trying to corrupt their children. I don't get that one every day. And I don't believe in hell - there's something worse than Earth right now?

Also currently pondering thoughts of the label: Non White Futurism & Fantasy. NWFF? Cause I do want to participate in Verb_Noire.

ETA: * - PoC NWFF writers, I might be able to touch in a month or so, at the very least by year's end.

ETA2: The insult? I saw it c/p-ed in someone's comment somewhere and I read who they also attributed it to. I know that it is someone whose wife feels confident calling women sexist gendered slurs. And yes, I am imagining them dying in a fire and out of any immediate existence relating to my life. I'm also imagining them wearing white sheets while they do.