Monday, August 3, 2009

Everyone Survives To The 31st Century

There is an individual who has altered an issue of League of Superheroes to be more chromatic. Reading it, made me feel comfortable. It felt like I was reading The 99 and then I checked the comparison pages and the pure whiteness of the future....


I'd like to promote this project, but I don't actually want to see it taken down because DC posts a cease and desist showing our blatant racism.

So I'm willing to DM on Twitter or Email the link to those who contact me. Because it should be seen. (Maybe there's a way to zipfile it and upload it somewhere, though that is less demonstrative/fair use that way).

Meanwhile I'm going to keep contributing to manga annihilating Western American comics in bookstores and other places where good storytelling as well as sequential art are bought and I'm going to keep supporting The 99.