Sunday, August 16, 2009

Small Comforts

I've spent an hour or more reading up and getting up to date on The Continuing Saga of Live Action, Last Airbender Racefail.

Latest news? No more Hanzi instead the writing in this hodgepodge mishmash shall be GIBBERISH!

I have come to this conclusion:

One day, 10 years from now, Zhang Yimou will announce he is doing an Avatar Trilogy. It'll cost the same ghastly amount as an anime boxed set, but will have descent english subtitles.

I think I'm going to open a savings account now, and start putting aside $5 a month for it.

Zhang Yimou's work with symbolic colour, is well known. His ability to get the best out of his actors, is also well known, even when they're speaking in a dialect of Chinese that is not their native tongue. I think he would do amazing things with young Asian Talent. I only sigh that Gong Li will be considered too old to play Mai or Azula. But perhaps she could play June the Bounty-hunter? Or oooh. Gong Li as Zuko's mother makes me go 'Ooooh'. She who did what had to be done to save her son.

I have no idea how Zhang Yimou would manage Momo and Appa, but I have faith.

Who is your dream director for a true live action Avatar: The Last Airbender, where Aang Saves The World While Being Asian?

PS: It has to be a director who won't take an Asian creation as his chance to make his own version of Star Wars (No Thank You M.Night Assimilationpants)

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  1. :o I nominate Lau Ching-Wan or Anthony Wong for Iroh for that film! Both would be 10 years older too and they're my favourite character actors :D

    While in the shower I started to wonder if M Night might not be doing all this s- on purpose.. like replacing the Hanzi with a "gibberish" language and the types of things he's been saying in interviews... if he's not doing this to "stick it" to the outcry and criticism of him since the casting... cuz if Lady in the Water taught us nething it's that while he thinks he's a genius, he's petty and small when it comes to his critics, and I'm starting to wonder if he's just making things worse in his vindictiveness. >.<

  2. The age is a little off, but I would *love* to see Chiaki Kuriyama as Mai.

    As for the language/calligraphy fail; it's just another step in making sure that outside of architecture and names, (seriously, I'm just waiting for Aaron, Kacey, Sam & Zack) there is nothing even remotely Asian in the Last Airbender.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to start saving for this ideal remake.

  3. Jhenne Tyler B:

    Awwhh, I didn't know her name (Chiaki Kuriyama). I'm often crap at names and love the internet for letting me look everyone up :)

    She would be an amazing Mai, now or 10 years on.

    Now you have me thinking of just a Hong Kong studded cast. Sammo Hung as Iroh. Jackie Chan as Jeong Jeong. Michelle Yeoh as... I have no idea. But she's just too darn cool.

    *sighs* - Yup, I'm just gonna have to wait and put money aside.