Sunday, August 2, 2009

IBARW Teaches Us To Stop Talking To You

Riiiiight, so apparently IBARW had serious moments of fail by white people continuing to make 2009 BE THEIR YEAR FOR SHOWING ASS & PRIVILEGE.

Karnythia points out a few of the things that made that vein between her eye and her temple start to twitch the high blood pressure swing dance. (One clueless individual apparently felt some shame, and flocked down her post.)

Stay classy Stormfeather of Livejournal. Covering up the conversation will surely make the problem of white privilege and racism disappear completely out of your life. Cause you have a bubble. And everyone must respect the bubble.

Dirty_Diana also comments on what a HELL of a week it's been and how that vein in her temple has been throbbing as White People Blog The White Man Blues in International Blog FOR Racism Week - coming to a posting near you via the Outraged White People Wireless Network.

2009 people.


The planets are aligned just right for maximum and continued fail this year. I would say it has something to do with all that talk about 'Post Racial America'. But - who's listening anyway?

Here. Have some more 'WTF White People? Seriously!' From IBARW.

1. Glass_Icarus: IBARW - Listening Between The Lines.

2. Witchsistah: Untitled ( I've decided to take a break...)

3. Imperial_Artist: IBARW 4 - It's About Us, Not You.

People who wonder why this year had me using the term Blue Eyed White Devils and stopping comments here? Or who wanted to have 'conversations' with me about how I should keep trying to educate white people or else they wouldn't learn and these 'eye opening moments' are so very important - to white people; well, apparently your kin in skin felt the same unfeeling, privileged, ignorant and selfish way as you. And the result? More folk saying 'To Hell With Them Devils'.

-- Peter Tosh / Equal Rights
[Apparently I was listening to Tosh in the womb. Everytime I need a song, my mind goes straight to him]