Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moment of Overwhelming Disgust

So Marvel's all with the rape (Spiderman gets drunk and has dub-con sex and now someone impersonates Peter and has sex with his former roommate) and SGU is all with body-switching rape, dubious consent issues, white man sticking his penis in a lesbian's body even after the original owner of said body turned him down - with extra disability fail (people in wheelchairs aren't full human beings or sexual beings, don't you know)

And then there's the Racefail by scifi AUTHORS continuing....

2009 & Speculative Fiction making me throw up since January.

Why the eff do I like this genre again? What am I honestly getting out of it besides a headache, sore throat, upset stomach and high blood pressure?

All that's missing for this year is Misty Lackey and Susan Cooper each saying something profoundly stupid and painful (such that I cannot even imagine it) and this year will hit my 'It's time to burn these books' threshold.' Not sell them or give them away - burn them for the cleansing of my soul.

Let me be upfront about my naivete. I did not foresee having to absolutely avoid all mentions of Marvel, DC and all SF writers I haven't had an online interaction with (that group is tiny by the way).

Hellacious Bloodsoaked Kumquats this is a hell of a year.