Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speaking of PoS White Privilege Politics

Author disrespects dreadlocks by writing a story of a white Medusan character.

Neal Shusterman. Disrespecting African Descended Peoples. The Mau Mau. Maori Peoples. Rastafarians. Hindus who call it Jatta. But most of all, Jamaicans who died and had their blood shed for non-violent protest against colonial rule; these people who first bore the name as insult - cause that's where the term came from; angry colonials.

Penguin Group didn't blink at such a title, that contributes to the othering of non-white peoples. Of course they didn't. White people pay attention to disrespect of a non-white group?


I am too pissed off to write anything more. But the next person I punch in the face for daring to touch my hair, or ask stupid questions? I won't be caring how young or old they are. They can go run complain to Neal Shusterman.

They can ask him to explain 'cultural appropriation'.