Monday, August 31, 2009

Utterly Repulsed By You

Dear Stargate Universe Fans,

There already exists, in our reality, a device which can essentially swap out a woman's personality and make it so when she returns all evidence of sex is gone and she would have no memory of the act.

The street name for this device is 'roofie'. A more clinical street name is 'date rape drug'.

The episode Sabatoge so far, as defended, is all about the two white characters named Rush and Eleanor, vouyeristically getting off on the rape of an Asian lesbian. And getting away with it, because the 'drugging' was sanctioned by SG Command (and the US Government).

Someone pass the smallpox blankets and the railroad timbers please - we're going back in time.

[I did not think I would have to make this post, here. I've already discussed it elsewhere and privately. But here is my public stance on just how far the SG franchise has sunk.]

-- Utterly Repulsed By You,