Saturday, December 8, 2007

Marvel.Com's Privacy Policy

Having just read that bit of information, it is now highly doubtful that I will register to see the free comics, far less buy a subscription.

- Web beacons, trackers, etc

- My personal information is an asset

- And by registering I'm agreeing that this is so.

- There are opt outs for the sharing of personal information and they give a url for it. But then they go on to say that anything freely given is implicit information and all theirs. So the information they require in order to sign up which includes age, sex, first name, last name, country  (if not the us), and zipcode is all theirs.

- And this information will be used for 'promotions' some of which you can opt out of.

Even if I lied about everything but my email address, I still don't want to deal with web beacons and tracking cookies. And I certainly don't want my email address as an asset that may be sold or taken over and also used to push things on me I don't want or need.

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