Friday, December 14, 2007


I had a random thought while in IM conversation with someone. Well, not quite random, it's a thought I've had on and off for a while but never articulated before.

Josef Loeb + Frank Miller, made to work on a comic book together.

Frank: Whores. Whores, sex, grit, crime, gritty danger, Whores!

Loeb: It's not slash! Honest! It's intense male bonding friendship!

Possibility? The Authority. The thought makes me smile.

Though, who would do the art? (Please universe not Make-them-turd-faces Quimby)

Thinking about it now, consciously, I ponder them doing something original. Something about some poor boywhore who's only doing it to get inside information on the mob? Because they killed his best friend? Who uhm...comes back as a ghost? And there's lots of angsty - if I could touch you. But it'd definitely, completely, wouldn't be homoerotic. On noes!

ETA: Restarting Ultimate Marvel Universe. Scott could be the boy-whore! The X-Men would totally be all gritty mutant minorty trying to survive. There'd be head bashing violence! Logan would be blood sprayed and cool! Logan/Scott = Enemy SLASH. Jean Grey the immaculate = Gritty Whore! No wait, it's Jean Grey the immaculate, she'd be a regular Miller Madonna figure. Damn.

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