Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angry Black Amazon

Apparently there are people nitpicking my grammar and spelling in this post. I will check and see if I've some typos and other things Firefox's built-in spellcheck didn't catch. But I'm not going to apologise or blush or stammer or do anything of anything about my grammar. If it sucks, it sucks. Grammar was never my best subject at school. I often times barely remember not to end sentences with a preposition. And : and ; confuse the hell out of me quite often.

If they're making things terribly difficult for you to understand my writing, then I think you mustn't read very often at all. Because you obviously have no experience in reading the truth of someone's words despite whatever peccadilloes of grammar they're plagued with. And yes, I did that one on purpose.


  1. You know, if that's what they're picking on, they're not worth your time. You obviously write well, so I suppose that's all they have left.

    Ignore them. You are saying things that are worth reading, and no, I really don't think the minor errors interfere, at all, with your message. The fact that I can disagree with part of it pretty much indicates that it's quite intelligible.

    Plus there's the thing that people who sneer at grammar and spelling errors usually end up making more egregious errors themselves in the sneer. I suspect it's a case of tempting fate.

    Don't let it bother you.

  2. Ah, grammar nitpicks: the place you go when you can't actually engage what a person says, but you still wanna be a jerk to 'em.

  3. That's marginally more stupid than the person who wanted to invalidate everything you said because you *gasp* used Power Rangers (only the most popular children's show at the time) as an example.

  4. Clearly the way to win an argument about judging appearances is to attack minor details about the appearance of the structure of the words.

    White Academia, what will you teach us next?