Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why It's Never Over

I thought I was done with this. I wanted to be done with this, but I'm not. And the last time I ignored this, I found myself writing out but never posting an utterly vitriolic entry concerning Tamara Pierce. If those concerned from Elizabeth Bear to Sarah Monette, truly are concerned about what's happened and what they've learned in the past few days, then - where is the follow up post saying so?

Pierce never did a follow up post saying she'd calmed down and rethought and could see the pov of people she'd publically called all sorts of things. Truepenny brought out the 'I'm a white academic and you're nothing but a lowly poc reader', and claims she recognizes the pitfall she flung herself enthusiastically into - but that moment of reflection is buried in a conversation dated several days ago. Where is the follow up? Not even a comments disabled moment of reflection? Really?

And then people wonder why this conversation happens over and over again when the whites involved never hold up their supposed moments of aha so their supporters can take a minute to go - Really? She's admitting that? But why? Is that really what we do? How did her mind get changed?

Y'know? The impetus to move onto step two of the discussion!

All this bullshit talk about "What can we do?" All those claims about learned helplessness and victimhood but when it comes time to talk about their learned helplessness, they slyly play the victim instead.

Oh noes, I tried to have a rational discussion but the Hordes of PoC swamped into my space and took over and they're too many comments and insults are flying and I'm so exhausted at putting out the fires!

And we're not? After being asked and played and pulled into Anti-racism 101; after having this discussion for the umpteenth time often with sub-set circles of the same people, we, PoC are NOT exhausted?


I quote myself now:

They've treated this like the wreckage of their pasts while it's still very much the present for many PoC involved. Think about that for a moment and how closely it parallels white reactions to slavery and institutional racism.

The next time someone asks me why I do not respect certain authors and individuals, I'm pointing them to this post. The next time someone asks me why I do not accept apologies, I'm pointing them to this post.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately it leaves us PoC being asked to reteach it, three times a year, at the very least, every. bloody. year.

ETA: There's a difference between being an ally and being civil & polite & hiding from the word racist.

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  1. I completely agree with you. There's been time to assess and reflect, and there needs to be follow-up. The follow-up I am seeing from their friends is adding insult to injury in a big, big way. And hello, that is what racism looks like.

    Take care of you.