Monday, January 5, 2009

DC, Rainbow Wars etc...

So I had a random thought just now. I'm currently recovering from some kind of cold/flu/illness bug and thus haven't done much of anything for the New Year; nor have I pestered anyone about anything. I've been trying to rest.

Rest, btw, can be the most boring thing ever. Watching paint dry is infinitely more exciting that trying to rest. Which is why I found myself going to blogs I don't read as frequently anymore and actually following links to places like Scans_Daily. Which led to this question.

If Lanterns are no longer allowed to have physical or romantic emotional entanglements within their Corps now. And their rings will rat them out to Alpha Lanterns (or however that works) - does this mean Alpha Lanterns are going to show up to drag GL's to court for having crushes or falling in love unconsciously with fellow members?

I mean that's soap opera supreme right there. Brought to court for the crime of LOVE and the character's all 'I love who??!!! But I thought that was indigestion and hate!'

Do currently married Corps members have to take their rings off now in order to be affectionate with one another? That way they're not doing anything illegal with the ring? Or does just wearing it not count?

I know I've given up on the big two. But the second Hope Lantern caught my eye. Sentient Elephant = Yay. It's not another prominent character of colour but it is a non westernized depiction, so baby yay. Of course I'm already betting all those Blue Lanterns have to die via self sacrifice.

One last thought.

Manhunters to Storm Troopers

Jedi Council to Guardians of the Universe

Sinistro to Darth Vader ?

Luke Skywalker to....?

PS: When all this rainbow crap is done and the Guardians have effed themselves up the buttcheeks and out their own noses. I want to hear how a Green Lantern ring made its way to Sinestro to recruit him because has has the capacity to be the greatest of them all...and he then bursts into maniacal laughter and says "It is complete!"

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