Friday, January 30, 2009

Atten: Shetterly

Will Shetterly,

I control the vertical and I control the horizontal - on my space. I have no idea what you think is happening when you comment to me. We're not friends. I'm also not a teacher who'll give you a gold star for every personal breakthrough you have. I don't read you. I wrote you off as not worth my time and energy days ago. I am not embarrassed about this fact; frankly I think it's already public knowledge.

Comments in my journal are published of those with whom I wish to have a conversation or whom I think add to the conversation and who won't sidetrack it. My blog is a safespace. And I repeat again, it is also NOT a 101 Teaching space.

Do you not believe that I don't accept apologies? Do you not believe that I am not an easily forgiving person? If you have discovered pants - that's fantastic. No one really needs to see another person's inner mental maggots squirming around under the rock of their mind. And people who are willing to see that, usually in my opinion, have an intimate relationship - personal or therapeutic.

If I notice your actions have changed, it will not be because you send me twice weekly updates with the subtext of wanting cookies. It will be because your world view has totally shifted and those willing to deal with that, start talking, and rumor trickles down to me.

I was absolutely not kidding at all when I said:

People who need Anti-Racism 101 etc... go there. I'm done talking to the freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Come back when you're ready to tackle a Masters and maybe I won't find you quite so clueless.

You are not part of the conversation I currently want to have.