Friday, March 7, 2008

-- Too Angry For Title --

Dear Lurker,

Thank you for pointing out to this idiot here that his ass was showing.

Seriously? Robert Downey Jr in blackface? And it is blackface. It's a white man dressed up via makeup like a black man.

Ok, y'all folk who want me to go see Iron Man THE MOVIE? You can tell me how it went. I'll be at home, watching re-runs of Static Shock or something.

Because knowing Downey Jr participated in this shit? HELL NO.

Don't tell me this is a movie making fun of actors. This is a movie and movie premise where a bunch of white men (writers, producers, executives), and white actors thought nothing of the socio-political and historical associations involved in a white man dressing up like a black man - far less in a movie that's supposed to be a farce.

Downy Jr could have been portrayed as cutting off parts of his legs to be shorter. He could have been portrayed as developing a pain killer addiction because it'd be true to character (though I admit, for people battling such addictions that'd probably be iffy - then again as a former addict, maybe Downy could have brought something to the role).

The premise of the movie could have involved SF and Downy making himself permanently look like an alien or having extra arms grafted on etc.

All that happens when they make him decide to SURGICALLY BECOME A BLACK GUY, is that these WHITE men were too busy wallowing in their privilege to THINK.

I am seriously thinking of adding a tag label of: Dem crackers done lost their minds!

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  1. *headdesk*

    Is the concept of privilege THAT hard to understand? I mean I'm pretty dense and I manage to understand it...