Friday, March 7, 2008

Tangent Universes

In a second I'm going to post this here, where it was inspired over at A Trout In The Milk.

I was really captivated by the idea of Digression Comics and a Tangent Universe. These are my Marvel Ideas.


The world is full of mysteries, marvels, miracles and magic, not all of it good. When things go wrong and innocents are hurt an organization almost as old as time, sends out agents to be army, spies, medics, counselors and more.

They are Gambit. They battle the forces against nature; the living dead, monsters of chaos, rips between dimensions.

And they do it all knowing each time one of their number will die, because that is the price Gambit pays for saving the world.


In 2012, within the physical location of the area known as the Bermuda Triangle a portal opens up and hundreds upon hundreds of individuals pour out. To everyone watching on the news, it's as if magic is happening. To the world's governments it's a nightmare and the first public step of a secret deal they've made with higher alien powers.

This is the first day of the rest of their lives for Exiles, political problems of a far off Space Empire. With a new regime in place everyone from the prior Princess to Celestial Guards to The Royal Cook has been cast into the furtherest reaches of uncivilized space.


It is now their home. Human beings? Millions upon millions of guards.

Can the Exiles and Earth ever find a way to change this situation? Will they be content? Or has Earth just made the biggest mistake possible and given over everything to these few hundred aliens.


New York City never sleeps, but when the sun sets and alley-ways fill with shadows, a guardian walks its rooftops, listening, watching, protecting. The island of Manhattan is the domain of The Amazing Nightcrawler.

But this dark vigilante, this wielder of shadow magic is more than just an individual's answer to crime, injustice and pain. He is a spirit curse wielded jointly by the Family Wagner of Wagner's Coffee & Books; Grandmother, son and granddaughter; Raven, Kurt and Talia. They are three generations touched by magic, trying to use it for good.


  1. This so works for me, especially the Nightcrawler idea.

    You should do an expanded "pitch" for that one, I'd love to hear a little more about it.

  2. So like Ult. Marvel except NOT going back to the 616 well every other episode for ideas? I LIKE IT.

    Hmmm. How about X-Man. An artificial intelligence built by Leonardo DaVinci that has been working in secret to protect humanity. And then tie him into the group The Gambit are part of...

  3. Oooooooooh! Like it!

    You guys could just make up a little self-consistent tangent to the Digression over here, with thinking like that!

  4. I see your X-Manand I raise you:

    After hundreds of years of protecting the human race, Gambit loses X-Man in 2014. But not before his heroic actions catch the eye of a group within Exiles.

    Engineers and computer entrepreneurs all, the group steals X-Man's remains, but only so they can create The Uncanny X-Men, technological sons of a fallen hero who will now take his place many times over in the fight to preserve sentient life on planet earth and in this galaxy.

    Come follow the adventures of The Uncanny X-Men and their pit crew in their fight to right all wrongs the Milky Way is not yet otherwise equipped to handle.

  5. Damn it. I should totally have said heirs instead of sons. Damn patriarchy. It's in my brainz, controlling my language.

  6. Damn. I want to read something like that now.