Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DC: In Your Justice League Makin' Your Heroes WHITE

Is this supposed to be an alternate universe? One of the 52? Because once again VIXEN IS NO LONGER A BLACK WOMAN.

Please note, those individuals still contacting me telling me I'm blowing stuff out of proportion and being racist for originally pointing this out? My reply to you will come during the bi-annual - Look At These Idiots.

This is just me pointing out, that the artist slowly shifted Vixen's features from African to Caucasian and now this is a second consistent showing of her AS WHITE.

Also if that tanned individual in the back with the domino mask is Black Lightening who is ALSO supposed to be African Descended, then how can this NOT be deliberate because he sure as hell doesn't look white. He might pass the paper bag test, but he's not white.

I read up Sinestro Corps this past weekend. But no way in HELL am I following or spending money on anything from DC anymore. Nope.

I'm so sorry Greg Rucka, because I adore your work. But I can't buy the new Question TPB from DC.

Does anyone know if Greg Rucka takes paypal? Can I just send -him- money and get the torrent?

CAUSE I AM NOT BUYING JACK SHIT FROM Detective 'Let Us White Wash African Descended Characters' Comics.

ETA: I noticed Vixen almost immediately. Trying to size the picture for my blogger, however, and WW suddenly began to stand out EXTRAORDINARILY. There are sure to be others, however, pointing out the T&A Yoga going on there. And BC and HG.


NB:If you want to comment and tell me this is another mistake, please know you will not be published.

Instead I will save your comment for the bi-annual "What Fools There Be On This Here Internet" where the comment forwarded to my email will be published in full in a post mocking your stupidity, racism, ignorance, privilege and pointing you to BDSM sites for a Master or Mistress of Sadism, because obviously you are one masochistic child of a bitch.


  1. I noticed Bleached!Vixen right away, as soon as I saw that preview of the cover. I'd find it hard to believe that DC is pulling this shit AGAIN, except for the fact that the proof is shoved right in our faces.

    Unbelievable. I can't think of any examples of Marvel doing this recently, in fact I think that with people like Salvador Larocca penciling Storm that Marvel is (thankfully) actively moving *away* from whiteifying its characters of color.

    How this slip up could slip by DC twice in the last three months is just goddamn beyond me.

  2. 4 things jump out at me about that cover.

    1. Vixen is white again.

    2. Wonder Woman is taking a sexy nap.

    3. Black Lightning and John Stewart are only distinguishable by costume. Seriously they could exchange clothes and I wouldn't be able to tell...

    4. Red Tornado actually looks pretty cool. That SHOULD NOT be the FOURTH thing that the cover tells me...

  3. Lurker: I couldn't quite tell that was John. I wasn't sure if that was a shadowed and highlighted face or some bald headed Asian lantern I'd never heard of.

    All that yellow? Yes it through me back to the days of yellow peril.

    Looking at it now? I realize that apparently there were two ethnic twins (ethnicity to be determined later - likely Persian). One became a GL and the other gained some sort of lightening bolt power - as seen on his costume.

    Kali921: Next time you comment to G.Rucka, ask him if he has a paypal account. I'm serious. If I'm to read the greatness of Renee, I'll need to send him money under separate cover. Otherwise I'm just not reading it. End. Done.

  4. Willow: I'll be sure to ask him, but did you know that he has an LJ? His LJ name is "ruckawriter," and he's nothing but friendly to people who comment on his journal.

    I don't blame you. I dropped the JLA book because I can't stand Benes' art, although I freely admit that I'll download new issues and glance at it just to see if it's getting any better. Not even McDuffie can save that book for me now.

  5. Kali921:

    I've got him on feeds, but I'd feel odd commenting for the first time to his journal, purely to ask him for his paypal account :)

  6. Actually is Rucka even still writing anything for DC after he leaves Checkmate?

  7. 'Cause I don't know and maybe you already do:

    Are there any common illustrators between this image and the one from the DPS that you first blogged? Is this a Benes/specific colourer problem, or more widespread?

    (Obviously its more widespread in that DC editorial forces didn't jump on it, but ...)

    Also, anyone have an idea what the publishing lead time is on comics? I mean how many months ahead does a complaint have to be recognized before a change can occur?

  8. I'd say go over to his (Rucka's) LJ and explain why you want it and see what happens. He has to be at least mildly put off, himself, I would imagine. I mean, the man's got eyes.

    Love your blog, BTW. Been lurking for a while now. *lurk lurk*

  9. Gah. Maybe... maybe it's a New White Vixen! Taking over for the Older Black Vixen, who was shot by the Joker and now rules the Intarweb as... no, wait, that's been done... who has run off to shack up with Batwoman... no, wait... who has been ported into a Vertigo comic to be ruined... no, that was Fury... um...

    I guess that means the simplest explanation is that DC Has Their Heads Up Their Racist Asses.

    Really, if you took out Superman and Batman, and replaced the background with a faux-Orientalist harem, it would just look like Red Tornado had seduced most of the Justice League. The women are all in sexualized poses, Black Lightning looks like he's having a sprawl, Arsenal looks like RT just got done with him, and John Stewart looks like he's next up on RT's hit parade.

    Kind of frightening, really.

  10. Also...

    Why are all the POC hidden up at the back of the image, so very small and their faces mostly obscured or turned away from the reader, whilst all the white characters are up at the front?

    So many problems with this cover.

    1- yet another example of a female POC being bleached (Am I right that I most often see that sort of thing happen to female characters?)
    2- Only white characters drawn large enough that, were you to glimpse at the cover, you would see and recognise them.
    3- Liquid-spine T+A for the ladies.
    4- The most relaxed-looking facial expression ever for a WW who, apparently, has just had the shit kicked out of her. Unless Red Tornado has turned up just after a massive super-orgy?

    How do people not SEE this?


  11. hmm. I honestly had not caught the whitening of Vixen the first time around. And I'm pretty open minded. I'm not willing to assume racism for something that could just be slopiness on someone (the colorists I would assume) part. On the other hand I certainly am not willing to assume that it's not the case either.

    Personally what has me increasingly turned off of JLA is they bring McDuffie onto the book, they make a big deal about it knowing that a lot of fans of either the JL Cartoon, or of his previous comic work (In my case it was both. I loved the Milestone Universe and regretted it's passing and was thrilled to discover that he was involved in the JL Animated series)would be eagerly picking up JLA with him writing it. And what have we been subjected to so far? A weak tea main story that ties in to Salvation Run but doesn't actually do anything written by... Well here's a bad sign, if I don't go and get the comic I don't know the writers name. With McDuffie getting to do back up's. hmmm. Ya know like I said I'm not really one to assume racism at the drop of a hat. And lord knows there are all kinds of reasons why DC is making such a stupid stupid decision. But bottom line they better knock it the hell off, let Mr. McDuffie do the job and give the readers what they were promised. Either that or quit bullshitting us, and let him go and find a gig where he doesn't have to play second fiddle to a nobody. The man deserves better treatment. Likewise the fans deserve better than what feels like a slimy bait and switch.



  12. This is outrageous and obviously intentional. The covers for comic books are looked over extensively before they go to print.

    And to those who doubt this being intentional I pose the following question: Have we ever had a white hero suddenly change into a black hero?