Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 Weeks Later - Karen El

Karen El has just informed me she's learnt a valuable lesson from me.

I have no idea what that might be. She doesn't say.

But for anyone wondering if she ever replied to me, well now you know she has. And she's said...something. About a lesson. Which may or may not be sarcasm on her part.

Anyone thinking the lesson she's learned is that I am a mean, mean, black woman, who won't put aside my day, life, plans to soothe her guilt and do her racism homework for her but who will mock her passive-aggressive displays? You,may buy me a cookie. I like chocolate chip.

Anyone who thinks Karel El has learned she needs to do her own work and stop expecting magical negroes to do it for her - I'd like to meet you. Seriously. I promise I won't even bring up this bridge I own in the state of New York. I especially won't bring it up if you let me view the world for five minutes through your rainbow sparkly glasses. Cause that is a vision I think I should have - for five minutes.


  1. Not to pick a side or anything. But continuing a petty internet squable with public taunting with someone who's always seemed more than a bit manic-depressive (at least from her journal comic) does make you look a little like a bully...

    I mean its your blog to do with as you like. And from what I recall of the original post and commentary she was very much in the wrong. But now you (at least a little bit) seem like the one trying to keep scoring points off her...

  2. Lurker: Manic Depressive? I wouldn't know. I don't read her journal.

    She posted a comment to something 3 weeks old. I made sure it wasn't lost.

    If she'd posted and said more than a cryptic 'You've taught me a lesson' - I would have posted that too. If it makes me look bullying, well then, dislike me.

    Continuing a petty internet squabble ?

    Her original and subsequent comments were insulting, abusive and racist. I refuse to sweep any part of that under the rug.

    (Also I'm pretty sure no one's yet asked me how her comments made me feel)

    All comments to this blog have to be moderated to be published/posted. It's very simple to ask that a particular comment be kept private. Though now I realize it, I should probably do something about putting up an email addy.

  3. Her original and subsequent comments were insulting, abusive and racist. I refuse to sweep any part of that under the rug.

    There's no question about that. If she wanted to make up for it, than a full apology and not the half-assed one she gave would be the way to go. And if thats what you want from her, I'd say your best bet would be trying to get one of the people who knows you both to try and talk to her. (Karen Healey for example seems a likely canidate).

    Angry venting probably won't get that. But you could just want to vent to feel better. Or to point out to others your disdain for Karen E so that they may join you in it...

    In any case its your blog and not my place to tell you how to use it. Though I probably seem like I am. And I apologize for that. All I want to say here, and I'm not the best at communicating so I hope I can get that across, is that these feuds always end up making both parties look worse...

    It ends up not mattering who was right originally. Just that neither side will let it go or move on. Not that this has reached this point. Its just a couple stupid, stupid posts on her part and a few angry ones on yours...

    (Also I'm pretty sure no one's yet asked me how her comments made me feel)

    I'd guess hurt and angry. And like someone insulted you for no good reason at all. And I'm sorry about that...

  4. Actually rereading my previous posts, I'm worried that I may be sounding like a condescending jerk. And for that I apologize...

    I read the original post and the comments and then these later follow ups and just went "Great, its Scott Kurtz (a webcomic creator I used to follow) vs. well anybody again." I looked at as a minor squabble between an artist whose comic I enjoy and a blogger I'd recently begun following more closely. And I didn't want MY opinions on either of you tainted by a feud...

    And so I apologize again. My reaction had more to do with me than either of you...