Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tangent Universes 2

Racism makes me cranky. So more Tangent Marvelverse

Utilizing Luker's X-Man, I did this bit in comments.(side note: y'all folk who want to win minion have a LOT of sucking up to do. He's got you beat by three laps already)

After hundreds of years of protecting the human race, Gambit loses X-Man in 2014. But not before his heroic actions catch the eye of a group within Exiles.

Engineers and computer entrepreneurs all, the group steals X-Man's remains, but only so they can create The Uncanny X-Men, technological heirs of a fallen hero who will now take his place many times over in the fight to preserve sentient life on planet earth and in this galaxy.

Come follow the adventures of The Uncanny X-Men and their pit crew in their fight to right all wrongs the Milky Way is not yet otherwise equipped to handle.


I'm not quite sure which individual in this one inspired the others :)


The demi-goddess Circe is an often forgotten bit of Greek lore. Certainly the three women whose lives she forever changed likely hadn't thought about her as more than a mention in highschool, or on some television show about Odysseys.

But Circe lives and while she no longer focuses solely on condemning and in fact now chooses champions, her methods haven't changed too much over the years.

A young, black police woman about to be surrounded by neo-nazi's finds herself transforming. Misty Knight is now Black Panther.

A law student on her way home from school rushes into a burning building to save a child and finds herself transforming from Allison Blaire into White Tiger.

Fleeing the hit men who murdered her parents, Jubilation Lee feels a surge of new found strength sweep over her as she becomes Silver Fox.

Forever given the ability to transform into beings half beast and half human, these women will be found one by one by Circe's original champion, Ekletra Natchios, The Wolverine, chosen by Circe since the tender age of five and molded by the goddess into a capable warrior. Because Circe intends to create a group of warriors loyal to her who'll respond to the injustices against women and innocents she has viewed in the world. Her chosen champions will be The Avengers.


Oh! It's so corny and happy making! *hugs her little tangent Avengers*


  1. Your all-female, Greek mythology tie-in Avengers need some Furies tie-in. Maybe a rival MORE violent group? Or just an individual? My first thought would be to go with a child abuse angle. But as we've seen "rape-as-origin" is over-used. So, Russian Sgt. Nicola (Russian or Ukranian for anger since I can't find a decent translation) returns from her military service to find her family dead at the hands of her outlaw brother. Swearing vengeance she is empowered by the Furies. Now she IS the Fury, deadly vengeance on any who dare shed family blood...

  2. Lurker: Sweet!

    I should have thought of that, I adore the Charmed Ones. But then again I've kind of left my intensely angry stage a bit behind.

    *laughs* Aren't you shocked that this is me now calm.

    But The Avengers vs Fury is absolutely sweet! They'd be forever explaining that they're not that one and Elektra would be worried that Circe might like Fury better than her Avengers.

    With the philosophical debates I see happening among the Avengers, as expressed through kicking bad guys in the face (with your CLAWED TOES), Fury WOULD be a nice counter balance.

    And then they could occasionally team up on some international stage, beating the pulp out of some despot who thought killing his daughters/sisters/second cousin thrice removed who happened to be 3yrs old was the ultimate 'I'm a bad ass' move.


    I am currently pondering thoughts on Deadpool (as yet another Gambit spin off)

  3. I decided to start putting these on my journal as well. Starting with:

    Which leads me to The Doctor's Strange. The staff of the Stephen Strange Memorial Hospital have unique problems. But thats expected when you're the worlds authority on treating metahuman issues. Chief-of-staff Dr. Matt Murdock has to balance the care of his sometimes dangerous patients with the emotional hot house that is his staff. Think Grey's Anatomy with super-heroes...

  4. Oh my God, you guys have really got it rolling...

    Love it!