Friday, March 7, 2008

Diary Of An Angry Black Woman

Lurker just asked if I didn't think I was being a bit of a bully and continuing a petty internet squabble, scoring hits off of poor manic depressive Karen El.

I replied to him.

I'm also making a post here. If you think I'm a bully or am being bullying then by all means stop reading.

No one asked me how it made me feel when she tore off on me for not doing what she expected me to do.

Kali921 was the only individual who commented that Karen's words were spiteful and full of vitriol and that I deserved more than a half-ass non apology.

Karen El may or may not be Manic Depressive.

Does anyone know if I deal day in day out with Mental Illness? No.

Does anyone in particular care? I'm guessing not really, unless it factors into how I approach comics and animation here in the blog.

Did Lurker consider that receiving yet another response from Karen El might have had an affect on me? I don't know. He chose his words very carefully.

Has any one of the white readers of this blog considered the fact that anger and frustration are the end result of having been hurt too many times to the point of being unable to be quiet about it?

Does it occur to you, general you, who may be thinking poor so and so or poor such and such, that I flinch when I see the name and make the decision to deal with whatever comment is coming?

Do you think black people who're angry just lose the ability to feel anything else?

Y'all read about superheroes. How the hell can you forget that hurt and fear can fuel anger for the cause of righteousness?

But yo, I am not a damsel in need of rescuing, so I can understand if the thought didn't occur to you.

But I am also not someone who will allow a conversation to be buried - because like it or not, every comment made in my blog is a conversation between you and I. If it gets ugly, it gets ugly. If it's filled with light and brilliance, then so be it.

If you want it to stop. Stop commenting.

If you want it private - ask for that.

And if you are a racist, hurtful, hateful individual in my blog;

If you are a misogynistic swine;

I will remind you of just who I think you are, with every new segment of this continuing conversation, until you either stop the conversation, or you show me you've changed.

This is my blog. These are my rules.

Now you know.

ETA:Lurker is not a jerk. He just brought to my attention that people may not know WHY I do what I do.