Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Annihilation & My Mutant Powers

First: My Mutant Powers

So apparently someone out there has seen themselves reflected in my general description of individuals who refuse to do their own race homework and who bask in their privilege and they felt so threatened and so affronted, that their eyes went all crosswise and their brains stopped comprehending English and they just had to set up an anonymous blogger account, in order to tell me I'm a mean girl who protests too much about not being a magical negro and who cuts down all opposition by throwing around that nasty word, racist.


*cracks up*

Who ever you are, I hope you realize I'm now picturing you as Youtube's Angry German Kid. Pimples and all.

Anyway, the rest of y'all will see the stupidity with your own eyes at the bi-annual 'What Fools These Be', post.

But uhm, yo? Y'all folk I control with the powers of my POC mind? Where are my tributes? I'm just saying, I should get tributes. I mean Doom gets tributes.

free glitter text and family website at


Ok, I gave it entirely too much credit for ease to follow. Yes, I know where it begins, but geeze, is there a list somewhere telling me what order stuff comes in? And why is there no love for the Super Skrull (whom I never heard of before now, but what. ever).

Still, I believe I like me some Drax and some Nova and the Annihilation Wave is kickass creepy!

Also, I believe I find Silver Surfer boring.

Yes, I know that will cost me some minions. But I'm sure they'll direct me to some interesting Silver Surfer if they know what's good for them if they truly want to share with me their love and excitement for the character. Cause his appearance in the story so far is just not doing much of anything for me.

Also, it's possible to buy the books without having to buy his part in it, right? I'm just - he makes me think of Superman. Superman back when I didn't like him. An angsty, boring superman, who's silver, with no clothes, out in space, being emo.

Yes I linked to a dictionary definition. That is how Doom Willow rolls.

Also also? I received GLA as a b-day pressie. I have read all four issues. I have cried. I have awed. I have wanted to reach into the chest of a fictional character and squeeze until they went blue - and I have cheered. It's like team Spiderman! When Spiderman was good! Also it was a mutant team with absolutely no Wolverine. Sweet Aunt Jemmimah's Pancakes, what a novel concept!


  1. I believe the order Annihilation comes in is

    Drax the Destroyer
    Annihilation Prologue
    Annihilation: Nova
    Annihilation: Silver Surfer
    Annihilation: Super Skrull
    Annihilation: Ronan
    Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus

    At least, that's the order they're in in the collected books.
    That last one is fallout/wrap-up mostly.

    After that comes all the Annihilation: Conquest stuff, but that's a distinctly different story arc.

    Super Skrull is an old Fantastic Four villain. I like how he's portrayed in the series because they make it clear he's not a good guy even though he's trying to save the Universe.

    By GLA, do you mean Great Lakes Avengers? I love them lots and lots. I recommend getting the GLX-mas one-shot Christmas special. It's sillier than the series, but in a good way, I think. Similarly, if you like Deadpool, look into the Deadpool-GLI (they change their name a lot)Summer special. If you don't like Deadpool, well, it's still pretty good.

  2. Wow.. :o Ppl go to a lot of trouble to be jerks and get angry (hidden conveniently by teh internets) about their privilege being stepped on. >_>

    I picture them kinda like that kid too! XD

    :\ It reminded me tho of a comment I saw on Kalinara's blog just now that I THINK is somebody mocking you :( At least that was my immediate thought.. :\ So I wonder if they're the same person?

    I always felt that Silver Surfer was kind of a relic :\ Like.. to the 80s or something XD When surfing was actually popular. Now it's just kinda weird :o

    Mutant team without WOLVERINE!? :O That's like... blasphemy >_>


  3. AngelWings: In the flame war? I didn't see much of anything aimed my way in the flame war. Though I must admit I was very surprised that MadThinkerScott was actually funny.

    Cause wtf is up with that? Is it raining blood?

    Mr.Woolite (Squee at your name! Still!) Thank you. Wikipedia had it listed, but I wasn't sure if that listing was proper or just convenient. Plus they had Heralds as a spin off / extra.

  4. Maybe it is :o But up here it's SNOWING blood XD

    I thought something was, but I guess I was wrong :D Nm me then :]

    You know you're doing something right when you're getting ppl making spesho anonymous accounts just to attack you tho XD;;

  5. Woolite's list matches mine. But I'm going by the 3 hard-backs as well...