Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dear Friends Currently On Livejournal


We're in ur journal, banning ur queers.

Also banning/preventing from showing up in interests: depression or pain.

Fuller list at the top of that entry.


For those who want to comment to the poster using their lj, her livejournal posts are here: Circle the one that doesn't belong and 6apart erases porn all spawned from her very well listed: Nostalgia: 6A/SUP's Greatest Fuck-Ups.

Look, I'm not going to tell you to run for the hills, because the hills are bare. I'm fumbling daily dealing with blogger. But I figure some of you over there, who apparently read my blog, might want to a) know what's been going on and b) possibly SAY something to TPTB over there just what you think of their tactics.

Because whether or not you think your content in your journal is being sold as product to advertisers, this blocking of interests - y'all remember how you can't search for Spice Girls or the Holocaust, right? - says something about your viability or lack, as a pair of eyes and presence on their site.

PS: Those of you who voluntarily flagged your journals ADULT CONTENT? I can't access your journals. I keep getting this page over and over again. Even when I'm logged in using OPENID. I apparently have to have a journal to see your content.

While this is likely a bug, it's a badly timed bug. I suggest your open problem ticks and complain about it.


  1. *sigh*

    I really wish there was something that worked as well as LJ for me. I need this very limited way of TRYING to socially interact with other people. But LJ, either with 6apart or now with SUP keeps failing...

    The idiocy of strikethrough, MGK's permaban, my friend Alex (who was permabanned because of the REAL vampire hunter who was stalking him), the elimination of Basic accounts and now this?

    I hate MySpace and Facebook. And moving to IJ, GJ or any of the others means trying to regather my friends' list or starting all over again. And Blogger and similar sites (while nice enough for blogging) don't work as well for the whole social interaction...

  2. Lurker:

    I can't help but think that you, and others similarly afraid to lose their support networks, sound the same as the comic book collector who can't stop collecting even though he or she hates what they're buying.

    There are feedreaders to help you keep up with posts and openid, for now, to help you comment. Not to mention email is always there.

    Also there's the opportunity to make a new circle, find a new network.

    It wasn't easy when I did it for my personal journal and for a while I felt in limbo. LJ had been my online home for five years, when the rest of my life was upside down, there was stability.

    But I stopped feeling safe and secure there during STRIKETHROUGH-07 and so I moved. When I was a little girl the poem "When they came for the..." made a very bg impression on me.

    Originally I was on IJ waiting for Scribblit to open. But then I realized I wasn't taking advantage. How could IJ grow if I didn't treat it like a home?

    So I started to and I went ahead and got a permanent account. And the friends I've made there, as well as the ones who followed - we all have something unique in common now.

    We were the first immigrants/refugees, we said NO to livejournal together. It's like a small town instead of livejournal's broad sprawling city.

    Sometimes you've got to let go to gain.

    And truthfully the more people -leave- LJ, the more even MORE people will leave LJ.

    Everyone says they're staying for their friends rather than trying to get a core group of friends to move -together-.

    But all my talking aside, I figure at the very least - those of you I know who're on LJ should be INFORMED.

    If you do decide to move, you now know one person on IJ and Scribblit (when it opens).

    GJ, however, broke down a while ago and is no longer applicable.