Sunday, March 9, 2008

Even More Tangent Universe

Via Zombie Mallet in IM.

Ghost Rider: The Viral A.I.

A combination of Jack Hawksmore and Deadman, he transfers through city after city, possessing people to stop his creator Hacker: Zarathos from taking over the world net!


My reaction to ZM's idea?

Well, given the fact I happen to love Deadman and this makes his concept even cooler - I have been kicked in the face by awesome and can't but post about it!

*Appoints ZM as Minion #1*

Do Note: Minion ideas may kick me in the face and be filled with awesome. Any actual kicking in the face involves immediate target lock and the individual classified as enemy.

Lurker would you like to be Minion #2?

See Lurker's continued kickass ideas here.

Also can any of us do something with these ideas? Granted I seriously doubt many of us have the time to write out long involved fanfiction. But seriously could it hurt to do summaries once a week or something?


On second thought, it'd be more than one summary, wouldn't it at the rate I'm going.


Just off into the woods next door or down the street, just down that alley, behind that old neglected house, just behind that dumpster, that burnt out car, is a place of ambient energy that calls to the guilty and the sorrowfully bereaved.

It is judge and executioner. It is hope and redemption.

Have you ever wondered about amnesiacs?

Sometimes the person who finds this place has searched long and hard, discovered symbols and ceremonies to bring it to them, they believe that with one single act of self sacrifice they can bring someone back who died before their time.

Have you ever wondered about the maniacs who're never caught? Or the ones you've never heard of?

Sometimes the person who finds it, stumbles upon it, drenched in hubris that their dark deeds will never be discovered. These individuals discover that something has been watching them all along or has been sent to them and now, violently, it will judge them guilty.

Either way, it uses the spirits it finds to generate magic to sustain itself. It can be a puddle, or the shadowy figure of a man, the cat who walks through walls to stare boldly into the eyes of a butcher of men or the crow on the sill listening to a mother's weeping.

It is the Deadpool.


  1. I need to really find a decent Chinese surname for my The Spider: Man without Fear idea as a Chinese acrobat whose family are all internation spies, evil Geomancers or other types that keep interfering with his "normal" circus lifestyle...

  2. Holy crap, what, what, WHAT?

    Gimme that!

    Oh, I came to praise the Deadpool thing, but WHATEVER...!

    Ha ha, no, I love the Deadpool thing. However "The Spider: Man Without Fear" is something I NEED...!

    Um...Michelle Yeoh movie?

    I go!

  3. Heh. Actually getting back to the "doing something with all this" idea? I don't think any of us want to take on writing it or even trying to run a web-host for running it. BUT, maybe doing it as an e-Sourcebook for a supers RPG? TSR's old Marvel Super Heroes with its FASERIP system is always easy to work with...

    Not the same as doing fanfic, but SOMETHING at least...

  4. Oh, come on. Why not write it? What could possibly be wrong with that idea?