Thursday, March 13, 2008

Green Folk & Other Sexy People


Uhm... HULK trailer goes live

On the one hand, I happen to really like Edward Norton. Don't ask me why, he's sort of grown on me. And the thought of him as Bruce Banner? I can almost see the comic version drawing in my head, and I LIKE IT.

Also, HELLO Arwen Liv Taylor. I haven't seen you in a while. And now here you are in another geek movie. That's kind of sweet and awwwh.

For the individuals noting how I haven't actually talked the trailer itself as in a promo for the movie, well - meh.

Wait, not quite meh. There is also the "We don't wait 7 years between remakes for the same character anymore" ? The time shift is now 5?

And if that's the case, does this mean that there'll be a new X-Men Movie coming up real soon? Hopefully one that doesn't suck?

Oh! THOUGHT! Which young actress looks like she could be Edward Norton's cousin?

I'm currently thinking Eva Mendes with a CGI SHULKIE.


I'm dreaming aren't I? I've seen the clips from Beauwolf(The Movie) ain't no way a CGI SHULKIE wouldn't end up wearing high heels and having breasts the size of basketballs.

Crap, I'm still not talking about the movie, aren't I? But I don't have anything much to say - Except that that I noticed a lovely POC mother and daughter in the trailer and thought 'YAY, there's black people in this city' and then realized that Monsters were about to wreck "Harlem".


It's much cooler thinking up possible SHULKIES.

Back in the day before Jessica Alba went blonde and apparently a bit stupido she could have be a....


Ok, not a WoC but Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jenn Walters then CGI-ed into SHE-HULK, would actually made me giggle, and perhaps want to see the movie so I could see the woman kicking ass again. Yes yes, lose face time in front of the cameras in Hollywood and get forgetten about. But all I ever see her in these days is victim, victim, supernatural victim.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, fangirling Eva Mendes and oh yeah, Lenor Varela, I heart me some Lenor Varela - though would she be considered too old for the part? Eff damn.

Any suggestions?

Also coming up in my next post an organizational chart of W.I.L.L.O.W - cause minions and protoges and vizers suggest a conclave of some sort, or at the very least a committee for world domination.

Also Lurkerwithout: I am scarred for LIFE. And if it is Kalinara's fault, you need to go into detail, so I may cause her pain.


  1. They're the perfect couple. Also this way Terry is Waller and Bruce's grandson. WHICH IS AWESOME!

  2. Is it bad all I could think about in the Hulk trailer is that OMG IT'S TORONTO!!!

    I recognize EVERY BIT of Toronto in that trailer, esp that fight with that monster where Zanzibar (a popular strip club) and Sam the Record Man (an iconic but now dead :( music store) is :O

  3. Ami:

    I've heard a lot of mentions of it being Toronto on the net since I first saw the trailer today.

    Truth be told I automatically think most cities in movies are Vancouver or Prague. And I knew it wasn't Prague. I didn't realize it was Toronto until I saw the Apollo on the second viewing and figured if it's meant to be NYC it has to be Toronto or Vancouver.

    And well, I've come to recognize Vancouver :)