Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yo BNDcakes

Dear dude who did the latest Spiderman.

I've been told you're an ass munch.

I've been told you set up a scenario where despite CW, despite all that hot ass mess, despite having the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, X-Force*, Sentinel Squad, Spider Squad and S.H.E.I.L.D at the finger tips of law enforcement in NYC - hell roaming around looking for unregistereds....

The NYPD don't need no stinking super heroes, cause they've got experience dealing with weird shit.

Uhm? Kind of like maybe a group of superhero youngsters had experience dealing with bad guys - until one of them blew himself up. WITH A SCHOOL?!!


*wipes tears of mirth*

It's like watching primates fling shit at the zoo. Except ya'll seem to enjoy having poo facials too.

So yeah, new guy? I still have a question for your royal ass munchedness.

Did you ever read a Spiderman comic ever? Watch an animated series? The movies?

Or is your plot an executive directive? (Cause it sure does stink like one)

ETA: Also a train and two buses? Have you been to NYC? Also? A directly from 'above' shot? Also Spiderman holding a camera? Forget my prior question. I don't think you partake of much super hero stuff.

ETA2: * So anyone think the next x-mansion will be wisely underground?


  1. x-mansion underground, tssk tssk. the x-mansion is a symbol of the mutant rights movement. so it should always be rebuilt bigger and better than before where the whole world can see it.

  2. Stephen:

    Hello, welcome to my blog. Also, are you alright? Feeling well? What's up with leaving off letters and lack of capitalization, yo?

    Re: X-Mansion, I am a practical girl. They can have the flipping X-Garden on top. But how often are children to be made living targets? How many times has the mansion been reduced to rubble now? Fifteen? Isn't that money Charles could spend ensuring his charges get an education?

    And it's not as if someone really determined wouldn't carve a hole into the earth to get at the mansion, were it primarily underground. I'm just thinking in this new blahblah wtfever era of less mutants (meaning, less stories about evolution and the future and what is man/mankind and did neanderthal man intermingle with or totally wipe out cro-magnon), fundamentalism registration and all that junk that maybe it'd be wise to seem like a safety retreat so's that Tony 'I'm a fuckhead' Stark doesn't accuse the school of child endangerment and doing itself up as a terrorist target.

    Then again, wtf do I care. Marvel sucks. And X-Anything has long since ceased having meaning to me as either a black or gay woman.

    Oh dear Stephen, apparently you needed to add a smiley face or something to your comment. I have just totally gone off on you.

    I think Marvel might now be a trigger word. Quick. No one say Manchurian Candidate.